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"Taking kickboxing classes at MPBBC has helped me maintain my 128 pound weight loss and tone up all over. While losing weight I always bounced around from one fitness trend to another but none of them really stuck with me until I started Kickboxing. I have been a member since March 2014 and enjoy coming because I get an awesome full body workout in only an hour. Every class has a variety of moves so it's never boring and always a challenge! After years of working out I finally feel fit fit and strong!"

"I'd like to personally thank MPBBC for helping me build my strength and endurance over the past year and a half. Without your help, I would not have been able to hike miles through Muir Woods, walk up and around the Golden Gate Bridge, brave San Fransisco's ridiculously steep streets (I did not ride one cable car!), or enjoy much needed time with my loved ones. I'm finally seeing where my real gains are and I am extremely satisfied with the end product. Thank you for helping me realize the power within myself."

   "I found this place through Groupon, and was very eager to begin cardio kickboxing classes. I'll admit, I was incredibly nervous, and was fearful of being judged by fellow classmates, and even the instructors. Within minutes of walking in with four of my friends, I knew I had no reason to worry whatsoever.

   Registering was incredibly easy, and once the class started, we were sweating bullets almost immediately. THe instructors were very clear that if we needed to take a break, we were more than welcomed to. As this was my first time and I'm no where near in shape, I had to take several breaks. Never once did I feel that I was being judged for sitting something out. They were incredibly kind, and made us feel great.

   Once the kickboxing started, we were in love. We knew we were getting the workout that our bodies needed, and we could feel the full support of the instructors. It was an incredible experience, and I am very much looking forward to going back!"


Class Schedule:

Mon;                 7:00pm

Tues;      9:30am and 7:55pm

Wed;                7:00pm

Thurs;    9:30am and 7:55pm

Sat                   9:00am

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MPBBC's Fitness Kickboxing Bootcamp is high-energy, explosive, exciting and motivating. It's the non-contact kickboxing workout with the kicks of martial arts and the punches from boxing.

MPBBC's Fitness Kickboxing Bootcamp will give you the Results you've always wanted. From shoulders to calves you will become lean and strong. You'll tighten, tone and firm your body while building a positive Self-Image, Increasing Confidence and Reducing your stress level.

MPBBC's Fitness Kickboxing Bootcamp is for everyone - from those who want to get in shape to those looking for the ultimate workout experience. You go at your own pace taking breaks as needed, however, always being positively motivated.

MPBBC's Fitness Kickboxing Bootcamp is the fastest proven way to get in shape!

MPBBC's Fitness Kickboxing Bootcamp will teach you proper technique, with safety first, while maximizing your potential and ability.


Facebook Pages:


My Personal page;   Daily posts, announcements, motivational tips, photos of school events and so much more.



MPBBC Tae Kwon Do page;  Focused on our Martial Arts program. More motivational and school events, kids class discussions and focus, more pics, etc..



MPBBC Fitness Kickboxing page;   Focused on our Fitness Kickboxing Program. Quotes, Heealth tips and more.




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