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Leadership Martial Arts

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Age 17 and under must must be accompanied by a parent or their legal guardian on their first visit.

Appointments are required.

Web Specials are for first time purchasers only and can not be combined with any other offer or special.

In consideration of the benefits gained by participation in any (indoor or outdoor) class, course of instruction, tournament, seminar, or special event to include, without limitation, martial arts, escapes, sparring, weaponry, self-defense and self-protection techniques and counter-measures, I hereby personally assume all risks in connection with the class/course of instruction/tournament/seminar/special event. I further release Garves Enterprises, LLC, DBA Leadership Martial Arts, and any of its employees, agents, instructors and operators, either paid or volunteers, for any injury or damage which may result from my and/or my dependent(s) enrollment and participation in any (indoor or outdoor) class, course of instruction, tournament, special event, or seminar offered by Garves Enterprises, LLC, DBA Leadership Martial Arts. Further, I will indemnify and hold harmless said persons from any claim by me, my family, my parents, my estate, my heirs, or assigns arising out of my and/or my dependent(s) enrollment and participation in any (indoor or outdoor) class, course of instruction, tournament, seminar, or special event.

I will also indemnify and hold harmless Garves Enterprises, LLC, DBA Leadership Martial Arts, its employees, instructors, agents or operators from any and all liability which may occur as a result of any action taken by me and/or my dependent(s) which causes injury or damage to another person or his property.
I understand and agree that I am responsible for all expenses for any and all injuries which may result from my and/or my dependent(s) participation and enrollment in any (indoor or outdoor) class, course of instruction, tournament, seminar, special event or enrollment with this organization.
I, or my dependent(s), have had, or will arrange, a medical examination to assure myself and assume my own responsibility for physical, mental and emotional fitness and capability to perform under normal conditions of instruction and to assure that I am physically fit as attested to by said medical examination.
I am responsible for myself and/or my dependent(s) and, if I and/or my dependent(s) get hurt or hurt someone else, I am responsible to pay for the damages. If someone else hurts me and/or my dependent (s) I am responsible to pay for any and all expenses. If I and/or my dependent(s) damage property, I will pay for it.
Martial arts are physical activity conducted in close proximity with other people and objects. The chance of getting hurt exists and I see/understand this and accept that it is beneficial and worthwhile for me and/or my dependent(s) to participate even knowing that I and/or my dependent(s) could get hurt or hurt someone else.
In light of COVID-19, I have read, understood and agree to follow the following policies and procedures.
I want to do my part to help Leadership Martial Arts keep my child(ren), fellow students, the instructors, other families and everyone else at the academy as safe as possible during the Covid-19 pandemic. As a parent of a student or as an adult student who is choosing to engage in in-person classes, I have read, understood and agree to follow the following policies and procedures:
•If I as a parent or caregiver choose to stay to watch practice I am aware of steps I can take to make effort to maintain personal space.
• I/my child(ren)/family may wear a mask while entering/exiting but is not required to do so. If you enter without a mask, WE WILL ASSUME you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing one. If a guest or team member is not wearing one, you may assume this is the case for them as well. Due to HIPPA and the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution, we will not ask you about your condition and we request that you treat others with the same courtesy. If you feel uncomfortable, please ask about our Zoom Class options.
• I/my child(ren)/family will have the opportunity to use hand sanitizer before and after class.
• I will see that I/my child(ren)/family will use the restroom and wash hands thoroughly before leaving home and while at the academy as needed.
• I/my child(ren)/family will arrive at the academy already in uniform.
• Storage space for equipment will not be available at this time. Instead, I/my child(ren)/family will bring a clearly marked bag to the academy each day with all recommended items included. Please include in the bag: Personal hand sanitizer & a filled water bottle labeled with name.
• I agree to keep myself/my child(ren)/family home if I/they or anyone in my family is coughing, has a temperature over 100.4, or other Covid-19 symptoms.

Due to the nature of the activity of martial arts, I understand that social distancing is not always practical. I acknowledge that there will be times when less than prescribed physical distancing will occur. I am aware and agree that partner work and close contact is an essential part of martial arts training. I will allow myself/my child(ren)/family to participate in partner work/close contact when necessary. I further acknowledge that if I/my child(ren)/family becomes uncomfortable with what is being asked in class, I/my child(ren)/family may request a different activity or sit the activity out. I further understand that I am voluntarily allowing myself/my child(ren)/family to participate in programs and activities offered by Garves Enterprises, LLC (DBA: Leadership Martial Arts) knowing that it is impossible to keep my child(ren), myself or anyone else who enters the academy completely safe from exposure to the Covid-19 virus and/or other physical illness. I accept that risk.

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