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Balance Martial Arts

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We know you are excited about your decision, and are already imagining all the fabulous changes you will make, so here's a quick list of what you can expect to happen while training at BMA.


  • Meet New Friends & Develop Stronger Friendships Teaming up great instructors and trainers gives you a positive burst of energy each day. Make it a point to meet new ,in class and develop a positive network of great people reaching goals together. The act of encouraging others and being friendly fills your spirit.


  • Improve Overall Attitude & Mental Strength Listen to your coaches power phrases and adapt the weekly power quotes to your everyday life. Use your spirit, heart and grit to keep going in class anda to help you crush your school and work goals.  Share your weekly power quotes and success on social media. 


  • Learn More About Fueling Your Body The science of eating correctly takes time to learn and perfect. Ever person is unique and finding the right balance of fuel, energy, recovery and hitting goals is an art. Learn how to build good habits and properly fuel yourself to hit your individual goals.


  • Learn How to Follow Through With Your Goals Lets face it. Many people make goals and don’t hit them. Write down your main goals. Take a scientific approach to hitting them. Get your team of friends and coaches behind you and develop the mental fight strength to hit them head on.


  • Improve Your Martial Arts & Self Defense Techniques This isn’t your boring treadmill workout. In each class learn useful kickboxing combinations and self-defense techniques. Watch your kicks get higher and punches get faster as you get in the best shape of your life.


  • Inspire Your Family & Friends Lead by example and inspire your friends, partners and kids to be in better shape. We can all take time out to focus on our physical, spiritual and mental health.


  • Improve Your Physical Body Physique Most people want a certain look. Balance Martial Arts training program is a powerful combination of strength, power, and cardio to burn fat and build muscle.

Remember, Excuses don't burn calories, but sweating it out in a fun, supportive environment will!  We look forward to meeting you, and helping you reach your goals!  

Please call us at 919-463-9833, or email us at if you have any questions!


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