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Thank you for your interest in helping your school's PTA Fundraiser.

You may participate in classes 2x per week for the entire month dedicated to your school.

Teens and Adults, may attend unlimited.


MPBBC works hand in hand with all local organizations.

We partner with our Schools PTA with;

  • Co-Fundraiser events
  • Sponsoring school events
  • Donating gift certifcates, etc..


"Middle Country Families in need" Food Drive

Stony Brook Hospital "Child Life" program Toy Drive


Girl and Boy Scouts are always welcomed for a group class, as well as other organizations.

Watch for FREE community Events like;

  • Bully Buster seminars
  • Stranger Danger seminars
  • Self Defense seminar
  • School Talks on Confidence, Focus, etc..


We cater to Your organizations needs.

Give us a call at 631-696-3890 to let us Help you.



Michael Pam here from Michael Pam's Black Belt Champions.

For school time I am sure you are all set with supplies.

Pencils, notebooks, laptops, backpacks, clothes..whew!

The list is never ending. And these are all necessary tools your child needs to accomplish their school work.

BUT..What about some not so obvious tools that are just as necessary. Things like...

Self Discipline to stay focused and on task in the classroom.

Self Confidence to ask questions and get help when needed.

Self Respect to do their Best in all their classes.

These are some of what MPBBC call "the intangibles" that are just as necessary for a successful school year.

Martial Arts lessons  have been shown to help students perform better in school...because on the mat they are learning about these and other "intangibles", such as Honesty, Courtesy, Perseverence and Commitment. Plus Fitness and Self Defense skills. 

These "intangibles" are not only for the school year...but For Life!

 "But, Mr. Pam, will karate do this for MY child?"

Honestly...I dont know.

I dont know how hard your child is willing to work.

I dont know how much you are willing to support and motivate them positively

I simply can't predict these things.

I do know our program is formatted in a way that fosters the growth of these "intangibles" through a structured curriculum.

We have shared this for over 25 years...and quite successfully. 

So now is your chance to take advantage of our Incredible Program.


If you have any questions, you can call me at any time.

- Mr Michael Pam



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