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Lenexa Karate Academy

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When you enroll before December 31, 2018 the monthly tuition for individuals is only $57.50.  After the trial period, monthly tuition is $115.00. The family membership includes the entire family and is only 100.00 /month for the first two months.  After the trial period, monthly tuition is $205.00.   


You do not have to sign an extended agreement with us.  We do not have registration fees or contracts. 


All programs are paid monthly.  


Our classes are 45 minutes and are taught by senior Black Belt Instructors. They are VERY experienced and know how to keep the class interesting and fun.  

Most of our students are here  2 - 3 times a week.  Individual and Family memberships include all programs and unlimited classes. You may come as often as you like.  Karate classes are ongoing so you can begin training right away.

We have lots of families at Lenexa karate.  Parents and children can train together in one class.   This is very popular with busy parents and is easy to fit into your schedule. 

We start our Kids karate program at age 5 and have specific classes for them as well.  Children are welcome in our family class, but sometimes it can be a little too much for the very young. The parents are the best judge for this.  Our kids classes are a little different. Very high energy.  We still work the traditional karate techniques.  However, we work a little and play a little. 


I do encourage parents to watch - we always have a few moms and dads in the lobby.














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 I look forward to meeting you. 



Dan Kennedy

Owner / Chief Instructor





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