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ATA Martial Arts

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Please remember these important details when purchasing your Trial & Setting the Orientation Lesson (OL):
  1. Please use this form to purchase up to 3 Trial Programs At A Time.  Please click on the button further below that says "Click Here to add a friend" for number 2 and number 3 persons you would like to register.  YOU MUST ALSO CHECK THE BOX ON THE BOTTOM LEFT of this section that says, "Register and Pay for this Friend" in order to pay correctly.  For a 4th or more registrant, please revisit the site to register them.
  2. ATA Martial Arts will start children at 5 years old. However, some 5 year olds may be able to participate and some older kids may not be ready. We will let you know if they are able at the Orientation Lesson. If we feel they are unable to train with us, we will refund your Trial Program Payment.

Information about the Orientation Lesson:

  1. You will need to have 2 hours available for the Orientation Lesson.
  2. (For children) We need both parents to be here for this 1st Lesson. (Exceptions of course for spouse's deployed, etc.)
  3. (For Parents) If you are purchasing a Trial for kids and adults then the parents should only watch the children do the Orienation Lesson (OL). Parents will know what to do in their classes after watching their children do the OL.  This gives parents the opportunity to really see what their kids will be getting from the training.  After this initial lesson, all members will be able to take classes at the same time.
  4. If you purchase 2 or more Trial Programs, only schedule one time for the Orientation Lesson for everybody, not per person.
  5. (For children) Please have someone watch any younger children (4 and younger) for the Orientation Lesson so that all focus can be on child/children taking the Orientation Lesson.  Following the Orientation Lesson, younger siblings are allowed to watch the regular classes, and if they become noisy or distracting we have a covered sidewalk so you can take them outside. 
  6. The 1st Orientation Lesson could be either private or group format.

Please call us for any questions or concerns!  See you soon!

Thank you again for giving us a try.  You will love it!

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