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Thank you! for your interest in our After School Pickup Program.


Unfortunately, at this time we have filled out our spaces for our School Pick up.  But who knows, there may be a spot that opens up in the future.  Please check back with the Academy often to see if a space opens up!  Keep our website handy so you can jump on the after school wagon for next year.  Till then,

See you next time.

Thank you.

Thank you, for signing up for our after school pick up program, you have been emailed a confirmation of your enrollment

Please don't forget to stop into the Academy BEFORE the first day of pickup to finish filling out the permission paperwork and pay for your first week.  We will not be able to pick up your child until all the permission and billing paperwork are filled out and on file.  

Please remember..................

We even have your back covered when the school lets out early!

No school? No problem, we have you covered for each day you need for $30 per day Mon ~ Fri.  For the whole week, we have that too for $129!  Drop off is at 8:15 am on these days and pickup by 6 PM


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