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Extreme Martial Arts

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Welcome! Thank you for your interest in our School Break Camps!

We are excited you will be joining us for our 2020-2021 camp programs.

Here you can register for all of our school break camps!

Please take a moment to read our program details.

Our camps run from 7:30am-6:00pm.

We have full access to our Mixed Martial Arts Dojo and Gymnasium!

Kids will enjoy kickboxing lessons, team building activities, black belt leadership lessons, arts & crafts, light saber battles, bible study, concentration games, nutrition education & so much more!

Thank you!!



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Thank you for registering to our School Break Camps!

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Please revisit this page if you wish to add more camps in the future!

If we add or make adjustments to our camp we will email you the new information.

Thank you again for going Extreme!!




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