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Krav Maga Martial Arts

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  All KMMA Students will be in proper KMMA uniform in 2021. This means White for Basic, Black for Blackbelt Training and Blue for the Blackbelt Leadership Training Program. These colors relate to the top. Pants are all white for students and black for instructors.


  All students should have a Class A Uniform (gi pants and top) and a Class B uniform (gi pants and uniform T-shirt). 

KMMA students will be standing tall and looking good, dressed for success!


Reminder: if you were accepted into the Blackbelt Leadership Training Program during Blackbelt Goal Setting Season, Non/Dec 2021, you are receiving one complete Class A and 2 t-shirts free. If you haven't yet but want to, get with your Sensei to apply!



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 x Uniform Gi Bottoms (white) (16.99)
 x Basic Training Uniform Gi top an bottom (white) (39.99)
 x Black Belt Training Uniform Gi Top Uniform (black) (39.99)
 x Black Belt Leadership Training Uniform Gi Top (blue) (39.99)
 x Basic Training Uniform T-Shirt (white) (19.99)
 x Black Belt Training Uniform T-Shirt (black) (19.99)
 x Black Belt Leadership Training Uniform T-Shirt (blue) (19.99)
 x Basic Training Uniform T-Shirt (white) (19.99)
 x Black Belt Training Uniform T-Shirt (black) (19.99)
 x Black Belt Leadership Training Uniform T-Shirt (blue) (19.99)
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