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 week 1 - June 10th - 14th (189.00)
 week 2 -June 17th - 21th (189.00)
 week 3 -June 24rd - 28th (189.00)
 week 4 -July 1th –5th (189.00)
 week 5 -July 08th –12th (189.00)
 week 6 -July 15th –19th (189.00)
 week 7 -July 22th –26th (189.00)
 week 8 -July 29th - Aug. 2th (189.00)
 Extended Care week 1 (30.00)
 Extended Care week 2 (30.00)
 Extended Care week 3 (30.00)
 Extended Care week 4 (30.00)
 Extended Care week 5 (30.00)
 Extended Care week 6 (30.00)
 Extended Care week 7 (30.00)
 Extended Care week 8 (30.00)
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Thank you for purchasing our Summer Camp, you have been emailed a confirmation. Please call us at 954.349.4900 for any questions.

Our Camps offer a full day of variety of activities such as, Kids Fitness, obstacle courses, Martial Arts, Games, and more!!!

Field trips every Friday to places like the Movie Theatre, Rebounderz, ice skating, Lion Country Safari and many more places!

It is sure to be safe, fun, and an exciting camp experience. Your child will obtain physical and mental strengths. 




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