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Shield Martial Arts & Coastal Ninja Warriors

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Hello everyone, please fill out the form below to register a Coastal Ninja Warrior Birthday Party! Please make sure you select a DATE & TIME from the drop down menu to ensure you reserve the spot you want. A NON REFUNDABLE deposit MUST be made to reserve the requested party date. In full payment is not required until day of party.


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Thank you for registering your child's Coastal Ninja Warrior Birthday Party with us! Printable waivers are available on our Coastal Website, or they can be filled out at the gym that day! Please give us a call 4-5 days prior with a # of children attending. We looking forward to providing your child and his/her friends with an awesome birthday experience!!  Remind all children to please bring shoes in a bag to be worn on the course. No one may wear shoes from outside onto the course for their safety! 

Kind Regards, 

CNW Staff




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