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Way-of-Life Martial Arts

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Hello! You can purchase sets of hand pads, foot pads, and/or t-shirts through this page. Please select your color and size. *Foot pads are based off shoes size (for example, size 3/4 fits a size 3 and 4).


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 x Hand Pads - Youth Size (34.97)
 x Hand Pads - Adult Small Size (34.97)
 x Hand Pads - Adult M/L Size (34.97)
 x Hand Pads - Adult XL Size (34.97)
 x Foot Pads - (1/2) Size (34.97)
 x Foot Pads - (3/4) Size (34.97)
 x Foot Pads - (5/6) Size (34.97)
 x Foot Pads - (7/8) Size (34.97)
 x Foot Pads - (9/10) Size (34.97)
 x Foot Pads - (11/12) Size (34.97)
 x Foot Pads - (13/14) Size (34.97)
 x T-Shirt (19.08)
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*No refunds for equipment orders.*

Equipment may be exchanged for a different size if necessary. Please contact your instructors with questions about sizes and color options.

*Please allow up to two weeks for your equipment to arrive.*

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Thank you for your purchase! Please allow up to two weeks for equipment to come in.


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