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Thank you.

Thank you for Registering for Charlotte Martial Arts Academy's 2018 Summer Camp!
Your remaining Camp Fee is due the Monday of the week you attend camp,
or you can pay everything up front at Charlotte Martial Arts Academy at any time.
$229 per weekly session when registered by Feb. 28, 2018
$239 per weekly session when registered by Apr. 30, 2018
$249 per weekly session when registered on and after May 1st 2018.
Drop off as early as 7:30am, no later than 9am
Pick up as early as 3:30pm, no later than 6pm

Monday - Friday
Check out our website March 1st for an updated 2018 Summer Camp Handbook for all the rules and regulations for camp.
We are looking forward to spending an AWESOME summer with you!
Reminder:  We are moving in February - our new address is 3420 St Vardell Lane




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