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All classes starting

weeks of Sept 25th & Oct 23rd



At DIETRICH'S the main FOCUS is teaching Character Development and Leadership Skills

(and if need be, our students can stand up for themselves, too:)


 Master Dietrich

ABC NEWS (keeping your family safe and teaching kids to listen the first time asked) 




FUN with Lots of Positive Friends & Families

Families that motivate each other's kids.  Kids make teams that cheer for each other.  

There are no bench warmers here:)




Our programs provide parent's with convenience

Dietrich's is right down the street from the VRE & right off of Braddock Road.

Making it easy for parent's to drop off their kids, on their way to work and pick them up after work


Our CURRICULUM is unique (beyond martial arts)

Our unique curriculum utilizes the latest concepts in teaching methods to improve reflexes and ability to listen beyond their peers.

Everyday students train in martial arts in some form or another.  Twice a week they have formal training.

Our martial arts system introduces students to Korean, Japanese, Chinese languages and martial arts styles.

Our unique martial arts system is American in nature, in the sense that we teach our students the best methods of all martial arts sytems in the world.



One of the few non CARE facilties that have outdoor fields for outdoor after school play.



Our primary FOCUS is giving your child the tools to succeed.

(ask about DIETRICH Black Belt Leadership Training program)




Budgeted programs keep our prices reasonable, as well as provide options for:

  • After School
  • B4 School
  • Spring Break Camps
  • Teacher Workdays
  • Summer Camps
  • Summer Classes
  • DIETRICH Black Belt Leadership Training




Included in our BASIC TRAINING:

Fitness Challenges

  • positive motivation towards personal excellence and effort

Confidence and Coordination

  • our advanced teaching methods use the latest sensory integration tactics
  • to advance each students coordination while at the same time building their self esteem and they take on new challenges

DIETRICH Martial Arts - Personal Space Protection that IS school appropriate.

  • Balling up a fist, throwing a punch or a kick, should NOT be the first thing our children do when protecting themselves.
  • Have your child learn how to appropriately stand their ground, speak up for themselves and protect their personal space while at the same time alerting an adult to come keep them safe.
  • Martial Arts skills that teach them skills from Judo, Ju-Jitsu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do. Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Boxing. These skills will allow them to keep themselves safe and secure in emergency situations.  (ask about our Family SafeZONE class that uses tools used by parents and teachers to keep their family and classes safe)




Included in our DIETRICH Black Belt LEADERSHIP TRAINING Program 

(In addition to Basic Training):


Leadership Instruction

  • your child gets to work alongside a GOLD TEAM member or SENSEI that coaches them on how to lead and inspires them daily.
  • your child, once learning basic commands begins leading his own team through challenges.

Public Speech 

  • Additional training on speaking in public on specific topics.
  • Public speaking assignments vary from each quarter.

Elite Status 

  • The RED BBLT Uniform signifying a child doing their best, and having the instruction to be a Leader
  • Additional Activities and Training are held exclusively for Leadership Training members

Leadership Training AWARDS 

  • Students in the Leadership Training program are included in AWARD program
  • Students compete for the MVP trophies & Awards through the following challenges:
  • - Book Club AWARD Sheets
  • - Healthy Eating AWARD Sheets
  • - DIETRICH Black Belt Listening AWARD Sheets
  • - Parent Appreciation AWARD Sheets
  • - Teacher Appreciation AWARD Sheets
  • - Self Discipline AWARD Sheets

Academic Achievement 

  • Imagine if your kids were excited to present their report cards and determined to do their best
  • Our Leadership Training Students are motivated towards personal excellence and receive AWARDS for presenting report and improving their efforts.




BEHIND his handshake is:

CONFIDENCE, Self Assuredness,

the Abilty to Protect himself and his loved ones

the ability to LEAD.

It all started at DIETRICH's





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