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Hello and Welcome to John Leroux's Karate Summer Camps for 2018. Our Kinder and Power Kids Camp offers comprehensive training schedules that are built around age appropriate martial arts curriculum and are fun for ALL levels of karate experience, including children that are trying martial arts for the very first time. Our Summer Camps also offer much more than karate training; we include character development, practical karate self-defense techniques, exciting games, arts and crafts, and much more! More importantly, our Karate Summer Camps offer children the chance to develop strong friendships in a safe, fun, and positive environment! This week of camp has many activities planned around the theme of Lego Ninjago including lego building, ninja mask-making, and important self-defense techniques. Our unique methods of teaching create a fun, yet disciplined environment without compromising the integrity and tradition of the martial arts. Our fantastic staff our highly trained and professional instructors that are led by Cheif Instructor Kyoshi John Leroux. Offer your children a fantistic summer experience by signing them up for John Leroux's Lego Ninjago Karate Camp!


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 Lego Ninjago Karate Camp (Ages 4-8) (303.97)
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Thank you for registering for our Karate Summer Camps! We are SO excited for Summer 2018! If you would like your child to continue their summer camp adventure with us, visit this link ( for registration and information for our second week of Kinder and Power Kids Camp 2018!

"Our goal for this karate camp is to provide a safe, constructive and positive environment in which children can launch their skill in the martial arts to another level. SUMMER IS REALLY A TIME FOR GROWTH!"


To keep up to date with all of the events we have at the dojo, please visit us at or




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