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Hello and Welcome to our 2022 Summer Camps!

Our overall camp Theme this year is "Martial Arts Athlete"

The Goal of this Camp Theme is to inspire a generation of martial arts athletes rooted in tradition with solid foundation strikes and the most advanced tricks and style.

We want to create the next group of athletes who are fast, powerful and ready to compete in any arena. They can win in the ring and in life.
Their character training helps them make positive achievements in school, home, work and with friends.

Their self-defense techniques are sharp and they are ready to protect themselves and their family at anytime. They posess the character skills of great leaders and use their powers to help inspire the people around them. The martial arts lifestyle is rewarding.

The training, events, character inspiration, teamwork and coaches create an atmosphere for winners.
Our goal is to inspire the students to be martial arts athletes for life. Respect Tradition & Embrace Innovation. They will have the best training program, to prepare them to go forward and achieve their dreams.

Every Camp attendee (no matter which Camp/Camps) will receive our Hyper Camp Tee.

What size Tee does your student require?

Choose your Tee size WHEN YOU ENROLL. Choose Option with your Camp Choice: YXS, YS, YM, YL, ADS, ADM, ADL, ADXL, or AD2X

Get ready to have fun in our 2022 "Hyper" Pro Training Camp for the week of: June 20-24 (Ages 8+) learning kicks, combinations, jumpkick acrobatic skills, and the Bo Staff weapon form from a Hyper Pro Expert. In addition you will also learn what it takes to become a High Performance Athlete in life and live with more confidence and focus. This summer get moving and have fun while also making new friends. Our Hyper Camp Theme is "Martial Arts Athlete" for all the camps, but the Hyper Camp is Bo Staff, with strikes and combo basics and a Bo Staff Weapon Form (Kata.)

Our 2022 "Earn A Belt Camp" for the week of: July 18-22 (Ages 6+) gives students the opportunity to earn a new Karate belt - which usually takes 3 months - in only one week! What a great opportunity to move ahead or jump start your new training! This is our most popular camp!

Our 2022 "Weapons Camp" for the week of: August 8-12 (Ages 8+) will allow each participant to try for the first time or to perfect their use of weapons. Our weapons training normally begins in the second year of training and includes 6 weapons through to Black Belt. This is also part of our world renowned Hyper Pro Training program and will allow students to check out this elite program for higher level training that breaks down the skills step by step from world class expert Martial Arts Athletes. Don't be intimidated---this camp is for beginners and advanced students! It's a great jump start for beginners and is highly supervised with the utmost emphasis on safety. Four Weapons must be purchased (especially with Covid) and 2 will be provided with daily cleaning by the student user of those weapons. If the Camper is an existing student, age 9 and up, your Eagles weapons are the very ones we use, but purchase is only necessary for any that you don't already own. We also provide weapons basics video training from Sensei for practice at home!

Our camps always include games, character/life skill building and outdoor training (weather permitting!)

When?  Camp is held Monday-Friday 9 AM - 4 PM sharp, there are regular classes immediately following.

Where?  At USA Professional Karate Studio, 2345 Murray Ave. Suite 100 (Main Floor) Pittsburgh PA 15217

Cost?  For new students, all 5 days of camp will cost $269 plus a $50 membership registration fee which includes your uniform and an introductory lesson (on the first day) to learn the basics to prepare you for the camp and also earn the white belt. For existing students, the cost is $269.

Please bring a lunch, snacks, and drinks. Please bring sneakers, socks and sunscreen in case we go outside to train, weather permitting-so please bring them everyday. At all other times we will train barefoot.

We are so happy you are joining us for one or more amazing weeks of high performance Karate! Be prepared to train hard while having FUN!




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