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Summer Camps In Westchase Impact Martial Arts

CURRENT STUDENTS/FAMILIES: After you enter your child's name, please enter the email address we have on file for you. Then select your child from the drop down box that appears. This will help us prevent duplicates in our system and avoid confusion. Thanks! =]

Space is limited, so reserve your spot today. Your kids are going to have a blast!


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 June 3 FULL DAY Martial Arts Weapons (199.00)
 June 10 FULL DAY Star Wars (199.00)
 June 17 FULL DAY Ninja Warrior (199.00)
 June 24 FULL DAY Minecraft (199.00)
 July 1 FULL DAY Ninja Warrior (199.00)
 July 8 FULL DAY Star Wars (199.00)
 July 15 FULL DAY Sword and Shield (199.00)
 July 22 FULL DAY Nerf Wars (199.00)
 July 29 FULL DAY Minecraft (199.00)
 August 5 FULL DAY Nerf Wars 2.0 Camp (199.00)
 June 3 HALF DAY Martial Arts Weapons (139.00)
 June 10 HALF DAY Star Wars (139.00)
 June 17 HALF DAY Ninja Warrior (139.00)
 June 24 HALF DAY Minecraft (139.00)
 July 1 HALF DAY Ninja Warrior (139.00)
 July 8 HALF DAY Star Wars (139.00)
 July 15 HALF DAY Sword and Shield (139.00)
 July 22 HALF DAY Nerf Wars (139.00)
 July 23 HALF DAY Minecraft (139.00)
 July 29 HALF DAY Nerf Wars 2.0 Camp (139.00)
 August 5 HALF DAY Super Hero (139.00)
 Add ONE Sibling FULL DAY (179.00)
 Add Another Sibling FULL DAY (179.00)
 Add Another Sibling FULL DAY (179.00)
 Add One Sibling HALF DAY (109.00)
 Add Another Sibling HALF DAY (109.00)
 Add Another Sibling HALF DAY (109.00)
 One Day HALF DAY Camp (50.00)
 One Day FULL DAY Camp (65.00)
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Thank you for choosing Westchase Impact Martial Arts for Summer Camps! We can't wait to see you!  We just emailed you a confirmation. See you at the camp!




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