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WFM Web Special expires 12 months from date of purchase.  Purchase is tranferrable but non-refundable.

The participant[GUardian] agrees to comply with the rules of events registered for via WFM, DIETRICH, R/Evolution International websites, and websites and acknowledges that competition in events registered for via websites are physical and participation in such competition can result in injury to a participant. The participant hereby waives any claim of damages or injury against events registered for via WFM, DIETRICH, R/Evolution International websites, or any of its officers, agents employees or any individual connected with the organization or promotion of events registered for viaWFM, DIETRICH, R/Evolution International websites, including but not limited to Michael Dietrich, and expressly assumes all risks of whatever nature resulting from participation.

The participant[Guardian] is fully aware of personal medical conditions and hereby certify to be mentally and physically fit to participate in events registered for via WFM, DIETRICH, R/Evolution International. The participant[Giardian] hereby waives any compensation whatsoever for use of pictures, videotape, media coverage, statements, interviews, etc., utilized by those producing or directing this event at any time.

Billing and payment processing is performed by Dietrich R/Evolotion, and this contract is specifically assigned to Dietrich R/Evolution for all such purposes.  Customer knowingly and irrevocably authorizes Dietrich R/Evolution to charge electronically Customer's bank account and/or credit card for any and all amounts due for Customer's, and anyone registering under Customer's, attendance and participation in the Event.  Any returned payment will be assessed a $25.00 fee. Any unsuccessful electronic transaction is subject to a $10.00 processing fee. Dietrich R/Evolution is not responsible for any bank fees incurred by Customer. Dietrich R/Evoltuion has the sole right to resubmit returned or declined items (plus applicable fees) without prior notice.

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