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Do you want to make sure that your birthday kid has as much fun as possible? Do you want to rest assured that everything is under control so you can relax and enjoy the event too?

If so, we have good news for you. Our parties last 90 minutes and we tailor the event to your child's age, this is one of the reasons why we get such rave reviews.

We will make sure that the party will run fast and exciting so that the kids, and parents, are entertained.

Our Awesome Birthday Party Package will include a martial arts training element where your child will get the chance to break a real board!

The Blaster Battle Party *RECENTLY UPGRADED!!* Your birthday kid and friends will be in an immersive experience using nerf style blasters to defend the earth from an alien invasion! We supply all of the darts and eye protection needed for the event (participants bring their own blaster). Warning- this party is so much fun that moms and dads have been known to jump in and play with the kids!!

Our Super Hero Party will replace the martial arts training element with awesome games and drills that are superhero inspired. We provide all the equipment necessary to make this an even unlike any other.

The Force Training Academy is our most premium party event. The kids will have fun playing games and learning how to use Lite Sabers. In addition, we supply Star Wars brand plates and the lightsabers for use at the event.





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 Awesome Birthday Party (20+ Kids) (239.00)
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Thanks for registering for a party! Please call us at 919 359-1776 to go over some important details of the event.

Important Polices to note:

  • Full payment for a birthday party must be received before a date is put in the calendar
  • Those who do not have a waiver on file will not be permitted to participate. The parent will have an opportunity to fill out the waiver on the day of the event.
  • Parties will end on time and guests will leave the facility in a prompt manner. We often have back to back events and our staff has many responsibilities. It is unfair to the staff to mingle in the facility and keep them from their responsibilities.
  • Staff reserves the right to remove a participant from a party if they pose a safety risk. We strongly advise parents to follow the 1-year rule for this reason. The 1-year rule means that participants should not be more than a year older or younger than the birthday child.
  • We provide 1 snack, plate, napkin, and drink per guest. We do not provide the birthday cake.





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