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Back to School Tips for Elementary, Middle, and Junior High School

5 and 6-year olds
- The best bed time for elementary kids is no later than 8:00 pm. If you don’t go to bed on
time, then you will feel sleepy during school and it will be hard to stay awake.

- You must eat breakfast EVERY morning. Breakfast will give you a lot of energy and make you
feel great during school.

- Make sure you turn your homework in on time. Teachers will not give you good grades if

you do not return your homework when they tell you to.

- Ignore bullies and tell and adult if the bullying is really bothering you. Also, never make fun

of other people. Enemies will take the fun out of school.

- Don’t go anywhere alone. It is very dangerous to be anywhere alone in a public place.


7 to 9-year olds
- Go to bed each night at the same time to ensure that you get plenty of sleep. People that
don’t get enough sleep are more tired and cranky the next day. They also tend to get into
silly arguments with their friends.

- Eat breakfast and lunch everyday for more brain power. People that don’t eat struggle with

school lessons that are normally easy. Some lessons may seem impossible when your brain
doesn’t have enough energy.

- Put yourself on a schedule for your homework. If you are on a schedule then you will not

forget. Also, you will have more time to play afterwards if you get your homework done
early enough.

- Avoid falling into bullies trap. Bullies pick on kids for attention. If you get upset when a bully

picks on you then they will most likely keep it up. The best advice is to ignore bullies. Most
of the time, that will make them stop.

- Think of safety when going to school and leaving school. If you leave school property alone,

then you put yourself in danger. Also, do NOT talk to strangers. It is hard to tell who is good
and who is bad. The best move is to not talk to people that you do not know.


10 to 14-year olds
- You need 8 hours of REM sleep each night. To do so, make sure that you do not eat anything
hearty within 1 hour before going to bed, do not exercise within 1 hour before going to bed,
and avoid playing video games, working on the computer, or watching television for over 1
hour right before going to bed.

- Eat right. Avoid fast-food. You need to eat all 3 meals per day to maintain energy.

- Don’t rush through your homework. The assignments that you do at home are meant to

make you smarter. If you rush through them, then you are not learning.

- Treat others the way you want to be treated. If someone threatens you, make sure you tell

an adult. If someone teases you, learn how to respond with humor.

- Be alert at all times. If you are walking home from school alone or with a friend make sure

you watch out of potentially dangerous encounters. Always let your parents know where
you are and when you plan on being home. 




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 "Bella is quite shy and quiet but we have seen such continued change in her self-confidence. She has had better athletic performance in school and is more focused. She is very driven to give nothing but her best in her school work and is achieving beyond her grade level in all areas of the curriculum. She is unbelievably smart and sweet and her growth since enrolling in MPBBC is remarkable. We are so proud!" 

   "Zach has gained so much body strength than ever before. He is more focused, pays close attention to even the most minute details in most of what he does as well as things around him. Zach has always been very respectful and such a gentleman and since attending Michael Pam's, that to has reached even higher. We are ever so proud!"

"Damien exhibits confidence in doing things where as before he was hesitant or scared. He is motivated in many ways to accomplish his goals at task."

"John continues to benefit from Michael Pam's Black Belt Champions. Master Pam and his instructors make it a fun way to learn Tae Kwon Do. The instructors are very professional and nice, yet they continue to challenge and encourage the studnets to give their best."

"Better focus, better discipline, better listening. MPBBC has helped immensly. Highly Recommended!"

"MPBBC is a wonderful place! The facility itself is modern and always clean! The Instructors are mature and experienced and are able to present material in an age appropriate manner with just the right balance of seriousness and fun. My 9 year old Son is having great fun while also learning respect, discipline, focus and improving his physical coordination and conditioning. Michael Pam clearly takes pride in his business as he is always present, greets the kids by name and takes the time to interact with them individually during class time. This is definitely a family-oriented business where you feel genuinely welcomed as people not just paying customers. Highly recommend"!


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Ages 13-Adult; Mornings; Tues and Thur 9:30am-11am (includes fitness kickboxing class),  and Saturday at 10:10am
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