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We are excited you want to reclaim your power in much needed situations.  The techniques that you will learn have been based on proven verbal, physical, and pschological defense strategies tested and have been found effective over decades.  Some of the self-defense techniques that you will learn in this session includes wrist locks, wrist releases, and rear attack defenses.

Please remember to wear work out attire, bring water to stay hydrated, and a positive attitude.  Situations discussed will be graphic in nature and can be slightly uncomfortable, as they will portray real-life scenarios.  Please make sure you fill out the digital waiver.  If one is not recieved by the day of the event, a physical waiver will be required before you can participate.

Remember: A heightened sense of awareness is your first and most important line of defense!  You have taken the first steps to learn how to make that a priority...


We will see you the day of the event!


Master O'Brien and the Anatolia Family Taekwondo Staff




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