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Rise Martial Arts

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 June 1-5 Ninja Warrior Weapons - Full Day (189.00)
 June 1-5 Ninja Warrior Weapons - Half Day (99.00)
 June 8-12 Star Wars Sword - Full Day (189.00)
 June 8-12 Star Wars Sword - Half Day (99.00)
 June 22-26 Super Hero Bully Defense - Full Day (189.00)
 June 22-26 Super Hero Bully Defense - Half Day (99.00)
 July 13-17 Ninjago All Weapons - Full Day (189.00)
 July 13-17 Ninjago All Weapons -Half Day (99.00)
 July 27-31 Minecraft Sword - Full Day (189.00)
 July 27-31 Minecraft Sword - Half Day (99.00)
 August 3-7 Level Up Camp - Full Day (189.00)
 August 3-7 Level Up Camp - Half Day (99.00)
 Extended Care ($10/day) (50.00)
 Extended Care ($10/day) (50.00)
 Extended Care ($10/day) (50.00)
 Extended Care ($10/day) (50.00)
 Extended Care ($10/day) (50.00)
 Extended Care ($10/day) (50.00)
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Thank you.

Thank you for registering for our camp!

They will need to bring a lunch and 2 snacks each day. They work really hard each day and enjoy having lots of snacks!

Please fill out the attached form to complete your Rise Summer Camp Registration,  Thank you!

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