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We work together to build your Martial Arts School

Benefits of WFM membership

  You agree for DIETRICH & the WFM to do marketing for your school, tournaments & events on the official WFM pages, social media      outlets & websites.



You agree to teach a 6 week - Saber Academy - at your location for prospects that we send you. (FREE Prospects) 


DIETRICH Warrior Brand will give you the LED Sabers for FREE - for students who purchase our online campaigns

(We only charge you shipping.  We do ask that if you need additional sabers, in recognition for all the additional work we do for your school, that your purchase additional DIETRICH LED Sabers through this link)




 Your own DIETRICH R/Evolution International Business Coach to mentor you through social media and marketing, assist in laying out your promotions  and events, and guide you on the path to financial success.  FREE for 30 days (1 month)




 Multi-level financial support for you and your TEAM, including sponsorships for competing in tournaments, becoming rated competitors,    access to your own WFM wholesale product account, and your personalized mobile marketing app. (Bronze Membership) 




(we are in this together)

Making it easier to market your business! 


Part of a worldwide martial arts team,

uniting us all around the globe to grow, making a positive difference in the world.  

The WFM holds a World EVENT each year for all of us to come together.


Martial Arts School Owners - TEAM USA



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Terms & Conditions

Event Liability Waiver
By joining below you allows DIETRICH & WFM to run World Promotions that bring prospects to your business.
You business location will be marketed on Social Media and marketing campaigns worldwide.

In agreement you will teach a FREE 6 week trial program of Light Saber Academy. As students pay us directly for the promotions that we run, you will not be charged for DIETRICH LED Sabers that prospect purchase as part of the promotion. Your account will only be charged the shipping of the DIETRICH LED SABERS to you. However, if you do wish to purchase additional LED Sabers, you promise to purchase DIETRICH LED Sabers at $39.95 each, from DIETRICH WARRIOR WEAPONS (or at promotional wholesale prices offered through DIETRICH)

The participant agrees to comply with the rules of events registered for via WFM, DIETRICH, R/Evolution International websites, and websites and acknowledges that competition in events registered for via websites are physical and participation in such competition can result in injury to a participant. The participant hereby waives any claim of damages or injury against events registered for via WFM, DIETRICH, R/Evolution International websites, or any of its officers, agents employees or any individual connected with the organization or promotion of events registered for viaWFM, DIETRICH, R/Evolution International websites, including but not limited to Michael Dietrich, and expressly assumes all risks of whatever nature resulting from participation.

Additionally, I am fully aware of my personal medical conditions and hereby certify that I am mentally and physically fit to participate in events registered for viaWFM, DIETRICH, R/Evolution International websites websites. Lastly I hereby waive any compensation whatsoever for use of pictures, videotape, media coverage, statements, interviews, etc., utilized by those producing or directing this event at any time.

Membership will be billed monthly. At the end of each yearly membership, members will be automatically renewed unless written cancellation provided. As a member of WFM, DIETRICH, R/Evolution International and / or TEAM USA you give us consent to run GroupONs and other social media advertising your location as a WFM location. We will send you prospective students for trial programs. You will not be compensated in any way for these trials or students.

Cancelation is done by submitting a signed 30 day notice. After signed notice has been confirmed as received, any payment in the next following 30 days will be charged and account will then be closed.


The participant understands that NO REFUNDS are given if unable to participate, attend or if a participant misses an event.

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