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Please make your payment selections below, based on the information you submitted on the registration form on the Rohai dojo website. You may also order your Limited Edition WCTC 2019 T-Shirt here!

If you are registering and paying for more than one family member or friend, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the form (below) completely for the first individual, including the "purchase items."
  2. Click where it says "Click here to sign up a friend," and complete the form for that person.*
  3. Repeat step 2 for each friend or family member for whom you are registering and paying.*
  4. VERY IMPORTANT: Remember the Registration Form you filled out, back on the Rohai Dojo website? You must complete that form individually (including lunch selections, cookie choices, etc), for each person registering! However, you may pay for everyone at once on this site by following steps 1-3.

*PLEASE NOTE: When you are paying for more than one person, this page will assume all of you are purchasing the same items. If you need to choose different purchases for each individual, you will need to complete this process separately for each person.

 If you have any questions, please contact, or call 510-526-4880.


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 Saturday only (incl. late reg fee as of 9/21) (116.00)
 Both Days (incl. late reg fee as of 9/21) (135.00)
 Saturday Dinner-Party at Hotel (15.00)
 WCTC T-Shirt - Ladies sizes (20.00)
 WCTC T-Shirt - Unisex sizes (20.00)
 WCTC T-Shirt - Kids sizes (20.00)
 WCTC T-Shirt - 2XL (22.00)
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