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Sue meets Bob in class, and they talk about how time-consuming the homework is, the class and life in general. Bob starts to ask some personal questions.  Sue is getting really uncomfortable and excuses herself politely and leaves to go home.  When Sue arrives at home, Bob is waiting there for her smiling and asks how she is doing and if he can help her with her homework.  What does Sue Do NOW?  Could this situation have been prevented?  Who does she call for help?  Does she need to call for help?  Is this a bad situation?  Or is a great thing that someone is interested in her and wants to help?

This is an all too common situation that can turn out very badly if not handled correctly.  There are many different variations to this scenario,  one is you meet in a store or a bar, or a restaurant and Bob ends up following Susie out to her car, or suddenly shows up at the car.

Total Ryu Martial Arts SAT, Situational Awareness Training, teaches how to detect, avoid and prevent these scary and all too common situations from happening.  In today's world this type of training and knowledge is all too essential to be safe and confident.  


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You have taken the first step to an empowering new you. This class is enjoyable and can be life-changing. Please forward the class information on to your friends and contacts so we can get this information taught to as many people as possible. The more people that know this information, the better.

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