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AKF Martial Arts is hosting a Level 2 Women's Self Defense Class!

Sat March 23rd, 1-3:30 at AKF Martial Arts

Level 2 Women’s Self Defense Course Description

This course is a woman specific, Level 2 self-defense course that focuses on awareness, assessment and action.  The 2.5 hour course will provide you with more tools (both mental and physcial) to deal with confined spaces and what to do when you're on the ground.  In order to participate in this Level 2 course we ask that you have previously particiapted in a Level 1 course provided by AKF or Marcon Shooting. 

In addition, AKF will provide you with the WI State Statue(s) that pertain to Self Defense/Protection and legal/counseling services in the Chippewa Valley.

The course is designed for ages 13 and above.  We ask that ages 13-17 year olds be accompanied by a legal guardian.  We welcome all fitness abilities and are willing to work with any limitations you may have.  

We ask that you dress in clothing that will allow you to move freely as you will be striking and learning ground skills (thinking about wrestling ground techniques), is heavily partner based, and going from standing to the ground and visa versa will be frequent.  If you donot desire to be barefoot, please bring a pair of soft soled gym shoes that are not worn outside.


You can help create a safer Chippewa Valley one woman at a time!

Further questions may be directed to Chester at AKF Martial Arts.



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