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Invited You Are… on a Galactic adventure starring your child on their birthday!

You can even have your friends come in COSTUME

Invite up to 20 Younglings and party the afternoon away, including FORCE SABER Training,

Choreographed Saber Battles and the triumph over the Dark Side.


The time is upon us. The power of the Dark Side grows with every moment.

Complete the form to confirm your Awaken the Force party date, select optional Party Upgrades and prepare your

INITIATE to join forces with the FORCE Alliance and restore balance to your galaxy.




Have a FRIEND or FAMILY member

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that wants to be part of your FORCE SABER experience?

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Awaken the FORCE within YOU! 



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 Base Party Saturday: 1:30-3:00 pm (299.00)
 Friday: 6:30-8pm (329.00)
 upgrade to FORCE SABER THEME: INITIATE LEVEL Upgrade: FOAM light sabers (for up to 20 kids) (100.00)
 upgrade to FORCE SABER THEME: KNIGHT LEVEL Upgrade: FOAM light sabers and Photo Session (for up to 20 kids) (150.00)
 upgrade to FORCE SABER THEME: MASTER LEVEL Upgrade: Craft your OWN SaBER to take home, Photo Session and Certificates (for up to 20 kids) (200.00)
 DEPOSIT on PARTY (lock your date (75.00)
 upgrade to Ultimate Party Package (250.00)
 upgrade to Choose your THEME - Upgrade (150.00)
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